Itch to Stitch Nosara Shirt PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Nosara Shirt

I’m super excited to share some wonderful news with you all – the Itch to Stitch Nosara Shirt pattern is here, and it’s something you won’t want to miss! The Nosara Shirt is a delightful project that offers something for everyone – whether you’re excited to sew your first shirt or looking for a quick […]

Itch to Stitch Icaria Pants PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Icaria Pants

Introducing the newest addition to the Itch to Stitch pattern collection: the versatile and stylish Icaria Pants. These pants effortlessly blend simplicity with elegance, making them your ultimate companion for all occasions, whether it’s a summer getaway or everyday outings. For a limited time, until July 10, 2023, you can enjoy an exclusive discount of […]

Itch to Stitch Santorini Tank PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Santorini Tank

Hey there, my lovelies! Guess what? Itch to Stitch has just released a fabulous new sewing pattern, the Santorini Tank, and it’s perfect for those hot summer days when you want to stay cool and stylish. This pattern features gorgeous princess seam lines that run from the neckline in the front and the back, giving […]

Itch to Stitch Taroko Skirt PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Taroko Skirt

I’m super excited to share with you my latest obsession – the Taroko Skirt PDF Sewing Pattern from Itch to Stitch! This pattern is seriously amazing and I just can’t get enough of it. I think you will feel the same once you make yours. For one week (through May 10, 2023), the Taroko Skirt […]

Itch to Stitch Amador Top PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Amador Top

Attention all sewing enthusiasts! I am thrilled to announce the release of the Amador Top PDF sewing pattern. This gorgeous Dolman knit top is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. With its relaxed fit and flattering V-neckline, you’ll feel comfortable and stylish all day. For one week (through April 25, 2023), the Amador Top pattern […]

Itch to Stitch Tustin Dress PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Tustin Dress

Introducing the Tustin Dress, the perfect addition to your sewing pattern collection! This knit dress pattern is unique and as versatile as it gets. With options for both regular and full bust sizes, you don’t have to alter patterns to fit your curves – the Tustin Dress has got you covered. For one week (through […]

Itch to Stitch Zakopane Top PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Zakopane Top

Simplicity at its finest—that’s how I would describe Itch to Stitch’s latest sewing pattern, the Zakopane Top! It’s sexy and feminine, yet tasteful and elegant. And it’s also quick to make! For one week (through March 26, 2023), the Zakopane Top pattern is 20% off. The volume discount still applies—get 15% off your entire cart […]

Itch to Stitch Coimbra Wrap Top PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Coimbra Wrap Top

Wrap tops deserve a special place in your closet and in your heart. They flatter your figure, thanks to the diagonal lines, V-neck, and tie accentuating the waist. Don’t just believe my words; try making the Coimbra Wrap Top pattern and see for yourself! For one week (through February 26, 2023), the Coimbra Wrap Top […]

Itch to Stitch Nusle Joggers PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Nusle Joggers

With the Nusle, you get three great patterns in one: A Long Split Hem option, an Ankle Cuff option, and a Capri Cuff option! And they all come in the full-size range of 00 to 40! These are so comfortable and on-trend that you will want to wear them in the house, in the gym, […]